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Utility Partners signed a contract with the Town of Ashland to provide utility management services on November 1, 2010. This full-service agreement includes the operation, maintenance, and management of wastewater treatment facility and sewer collection system. There are four sewage pumping stations and fifteen miles of collection system mains that are maintained by the staff.

The wastewater treatment facility has a design capacity of 1.6 MGD. It is operated eight hours per day, five days per week, with continuous emergency protection from a call-out system. Our staff performs laboratory testing and analysis required to insure the NPDES requirements are met. Influent enters the headworks of the facility and flows through comminutors to shred solids and then through partial flumes. After the influent structures, wastewater passes to one of two aerated lagoons that provide sedimentation and biological oxidation. A portion of the flow is circulated from the outlet of the secondary lagoons to the inlet of the primary lagoons. This process improves performance, reduces odors, and increases the capability to handle shock loads. The effluent from the aerated lagoons is disinfected with chlorine before being discharged into the Squam River.

Ashland, NH

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