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Utility Partners and Town of Barton entered into a public private partnership to provide utility management services on April 1, 2011. These services are provided to 950 customers in this New England community which lies within thirty miles from the Canadian border. The surface water treatment facility has two 175 gpm Trident rapid sand filters and a design capacity of 504,000 gallons per day. There is also a 650,000 gallon storage tank at the site. The plant's water source is the 1,000,000 gallon reservoir named May Lake.

Influent enters the head-works of the wastewater treatment facility through two sewer lift pumping stations. Each station pumps into an aerated lagoon with capacities of 1M gallons. The facility utilizes a Roberts Filter and chemical additions which aid in the removal of phosphorus. The onsite laboratory tests for settable solids, pH, and chlorine residuals.

Barton, VT

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