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We provide full service contract operations of the wastewater treatment facility on behalf of the City of Beaumont. In addition to the facility, Utility Partners maintains the collection system and provides cleaning of it on a scheduled basis. We perform all maintenance, repair, and replacement activities of the City's assets through this contract. Our staff performs laboratory testing and analysis required to insure the NPDES requirements are met.


The California Grade IV wastewater treatment facility is rated at 4.0 MGD and consists of bar screens, aeration/equalization, clarification, sand filtration, UV disinfection, sludge thickening/drying, and aerobic digestion. The wastewater is pumped from an influent wet well to two extended aeration basins (activated sludge), where nitrification, de-nitrification, and solids reduction is accomplished. Clarifiers are used to settle out the solids and additional solids removal is accomplished in the dual media filters. The water is treated to tertiary standards when it passes through an ultraviolet reaction chamber for polishing.

Effluent is discharged to Cooper's Creek, which leads to San Timoteo Creek, a tributary to the Santa Ana River. While the discharge is to Cooper's Creek, it is considered a de facto discharge to San Timoteo Creek and the San Timoteo Management Zone. Most of the effluent produced at the treatment facility is recycled for uses, including landscape irrigation.


Beaumont, CA

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