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The City of Forsyth was Utility Partners' first client in the State of Georgia and was the first client to be provided water treatment expertise and services. Initially awarded on an emergency basis, the agreement between the City and Utility Partners has now been extended to include a full term.

Our staff operates the Russellville (4.0 MGD) surface water treatment facility and the distribution system. Our certified operations staff is on-site at this facility twenty-four hours per day. There are 4 elevated water tanks and more than 30,000 feet of pipe in the distribution system that we maintain.

We operate the Northeast (2.0 MGD) and South (1.0 MGD) wastewater treatment facilities, perform laboratory testing, and process solids using a belt press. There are 12 sewage pumping stations that are maintained in the collection system.

Forsyth, GA

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