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Gulfport is the second largest city in the state of Mississippi. In October of 2011, Utility Partners was awarded a contract to manage the Department of Public Works. Streets & Drainage and Water & Sewer are the two distinct divisions that function within this department.

The scope of services for Streets & Drainage includes maintaining all of the streets and keeping them free of debris, performing any asphalt patching that needs to be done, maintaining the City's rights-of-way, collecting tons of yard debris, and cleaning more than 300 miles of ditches each year.

The Water & Sewer Division is charged with maintaining the distribution and collection system for the City's customers. Twenty-three wells produce 32.65 MGD of potable water each day for the citizens of Gulfport. The City's water system has achieved a 4.7 rating through the State. Our staff also maintains more than 157 lift stations and miles of line in the collection system annually.

Gulfport, MS

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