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Utility Partners has operated the City of Long Beach's Department of Public Works since 2007. The Streets division repairs asphalt, replaces sidewalks, and maintains the drainage network to provide for proper runoff during rain events. This division also mows the rights-of-way and applies chemical treatments to control weed growth. Beautification and landscape services are provided annually at City Hall and around other public buildings. Our staff provides maintenance services at the City parks, municipal buildings, and the cemetery. We also provide fleet and equipment maintenance on all City owned assets.

Our water division responsibilities include operation of the City's 9 water wells that produce 2.4MGD, 3 elevated storage tanks and water distribution infrastructure. There are 70 sewer pumping stations and 400,000 linear feet of collection system pipe that our staff maintains as well. We use a computerized maintenance management system to track the preventative and corrective repair history of these assets.

Utility Partners also provides Utility Billing services for the City to the 5,200 customers. Our collection rate in this division in the City has consistently exceeded 98%.

Long Beach, MS

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