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Utility Partners signed a contract with the Village of Morrisville to provide utility management services on May 1, 2011. This full-service agreement includes the operation, maintenance, and management of the wastewater treatment facility.

The wastewater treatment facility is designed for a flow of 0.65 MGD with secondary treatment. This facility was completely upgraded in 2011. It consists of a headworks area that includes an automatic bar screen and grit removal system. The flow then enters one of two Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) basins with an aqua-aerobic system. The solids- handling facility utilizes a centrifuge for dewatering before the sludge is trucked to a landfill for disposal. This site has a staff of two certified operators with management support.

We perform all maintenance, repair, and replacement activities of the Village of Morrisville's assets through this contract. Our staff performs all required laboratory testing and analysis required to insure the NPDES requirements are met.

Morrisville, VT

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