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Corporate Staff

Robert W. Monette, P.E.

As President and a founder of the OPTECH family of companies in 1994 and now President, Mr. Monette has worked with cities across the United States for over forty years.  He is charged with overall corporate responsibility to assure clients are satisfied with the services of our company and to provide the support staff needed to supplement the on-site operating staff.  Mr. Monette is a registered Professional Engineer, is a graduate of Mississippi State University and Harvard Business School. He will oversee all contractual issues and guarantee company performance.

Mr. Monette currently serves as the Vice President of the company. He has served in this capacity for the company for more than thirteen years.  Mr. Monette brings more than 17 years of human resource, marketing and finance experience to the company.  His responsibilities include the overall financial management of the company, risk and insurance management, internal and external financial reporting, financial plans and policies, as well as relationships with financial institutions. His duties include maintaining positive relationships with current clients and local project staffs as well as managing strategic growth and opportunities for expansion into new markets and services. 

Mr. Monette has held a various senior level finance and operational management positions. He currently serves as Vice President and he has held that position since 2002.  From 1996 to 2002, Mr. Monette was Vice President of Human Resources where he oversaw organizational planning and development, employee relations, training, litigation, compensation and benefits administration for the company.

Prior to working with Optech, Mr. Monette worked for Blockbuster Entertainment where he served as a store manager. His duties included managing a staff of fourteen people in the daily operation of the business. He was responsible for all human resource management, operational budgets, inventory ordering, training, payroll, income and sales tax date, and supervising all customer contact with the staff.  He held this position while finishing his Graduate MBA program at Mercer University.

Barry Walker, Senior Vice President, Operations


Mr. Walker oversees the field and maintenance operations team.  He has been responsible for leading operations and maintenance activities throughout the organization for the past decade and has worked in the utility industry for over 30 years.  Barry’s field experience includes a wide variety of construction and operation related projects in both water and wastewater plants, water distribution systems, elevated tanks, wastewater gravity and force mains as well as pumping stations. He is an invaluable resource to our project Managers as someone who can develop workable solutions for the field challenges they inevitably encounter.  Through routine monthly visits to our Projects in the southeast U.S., Mr. Walker monitors the operational issues and maintenance activities for each project.  He provides additional working support of the entire project team as needs arise.  His hands-on experience managing public works departments is critical to our firm and its clients.  

Will Monette, VP of Business Development

2010 - present

2010 - present

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