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Services We Provide

The Optech Family of Companies manage and operate city public works, water & wastewater treatment plants, as well as utility system maintenance, parks and ground maintenance, and utility billing.  Please contact Optech & Utility Partners for a FREE Audit to see how we can help you save money!



On behalf of municipal clients in several states, Optech & Utility Partners maintains and repair roadways, drainage systems and surfaced areas. We use

a proprietary Software As Service (SAS) system to initiate a work request, schedule the task, and track its completion.

- Streets Maintenance

- Asphalt Repair
- Concrete Construction
- Traffic Control
- Snow Plowing
- Street Sweeping

- Drainage Maintenance & Repair, Grading of Drainage Areas

- Cut Grass, Vegetation, or Trees

- Inspect and remediate drainage area erosion, and make recommendations to City Engineers for system improvements. 

- Solid Waste Collection





Optech & Utility Partners manages groundwater, surface water, and state-of-the-art reverse osmosis water treatment facilities for multiple municipalities. We have specific experience working for nunicipalities, state government, and private utilities. Our professional experience assures our clients of a successful partnership.

We operate and maintain facilities and distribution systems in accordance with all current EPA regulations. Our water treatment personnel are licensed in accordance with each State's laws. We ensure the water systems are operational 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Our commitment is to operate, maintain, and repair water treatment and distribution equipment and associated assets for all of our clients according to manufacturer's specifications, and ensure that water quality meets regulatory requirements.



​Optech & Utility Partners manage wastewater treatment facilities that range in size of hydraulic demand from 300,000 gallons per day to 12,000,000 gallons per day. The facilities vary in process complexity from lagoon systems to advanced tertiary treatment systems using the latest technologies. Our operators are responsible for everything from the influent pump station to final discharge. Treated effluent may be land applied, discharged to a receiving stream, or reused for irrigation purposes. As a full service provider, we are responsible for all chemicals, parts, and other consumables required to operate the treatment facility.



Many of our contracts include operations, maintenance and management responsibility for water storage, transmission and distribution components, including pump stations, turnouts, interconnections and reservoirs. Utility Partners is responsible for almost 700 miles of water mains and lines. Several projects like in Gulfport and Pascagoula have distribution systems that cover hundreds of miles while some of the smallest projects have distribution mains and lines of less than five miles.

Optech & Utility Partners manages the collection of sanitary and storm water flows through approximately 580 miles of sewers.The scope of our management services includes providing uninterrupted, economical flow of wastewater through the collection/conveyance system and for minimizing health hazards. We also operate and maintain more than 450 sewer pumping stations on behalf of our clients. We establish a comprehensive maintenance program for repairing, cleaning and inspecting lift stations, gravity lines, force mains and manholes. Our goal is to prevent incidents in the collection system, but when blockages, sewer cave-ins, or lift station malfunctions occur, we always treat them as emergencies. We document and manage any emergency situation to minimize environmental disruption.



The maintenance and repair of parks and grounds include:

- Ball Parks & Fields
- Nature Centers
- Recreation Buildings
- Cemeteries & Memorials
- Greenway Trails
We perform mowing, trimming, edging, sodding, irrigation, fertilizing, weed and brush control, erosion control, and other services as required. These maintenance services are provided on a scheduled basis, or when a service order is initiated for emergency or other specific needs.

Cleanup efforts at parks from storm, lightning, and wind damage are directed by our Project Manager and coordinated with client needs. Manpower, equipment, and material required for storm cleanup are documented for auditing purposes. If a State of Emergency is ever declared, we interact with FEMA representatives at the direction and guidance of City officials.



Optech & Utility Partners offer a broad range of utility billing solutions to our municipal and private utility clients. We currently manage the customer service and billing function for nearly 25,000 customers in several states. By partnering with our firm, clients are able to focus on achieving their own goals knowing that world class care is being provided its customers.

Because our partnerships are developed on an individual basis, clients are able to choose from any of the following Utility Billing components that we provide:

- Automated Meter Reading
- Bill Printing
- Customer Service
- Payment Processing
- Collections


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