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Johns Creek, GA


In 2006, citizens in north Fulton County, GA, adjacent to the incorporated City of Alpharetta and following the successful example of Sandy Springs, voted to incorporate as the 10th largest City in the state.  With a population of over 65,000, this urban community represented a major challenge as a “new City”.  Growing rapidly in recent years due to new, progressive construction within the metropolitan area of Atlanta, the community also sought to develop its own unique identity and government.  The new City officials also chose the engineering firm of CH2M Hill as their Program Manager to guide their path to City management.
With the kickoff of the new City government on December 1, 2006 Optech Monette was proudly working as part of the CH2M Hill management team in Johns Creek.  Optech services include grass cutting in the major rights of way, seven day a week maintenance of all City Parks and ball fields, weekly cleaning and emptying of all public litter bins throughout the City, litter pickup along City rights of way, cleaning and mainten
ance of the City’s extensive storm drain system, removal of grafitti from public buildings, bridges and roadways, emergency tree and dead animal removal services, staff support during major weather events, freezing roads, snowstorms, etc. as well as staff support for annual holiday parades and festivals.

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